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ballast water



Meet our portable ballast water treatment containers. High flow rate, low power consumption. Based on filterless active substance, USCG/IMO approved BWT systems. Reducing carbon footprint and cost per cubic meter. Ideal for ports - solving any vessel non-compliance - barges, FPSOs, jack-ups, drill rigs and semi-subs.

Via our partner organisation, UniBallast, we offer containers with a built-in or skid-mounted ballast water treatment system which is standardised or fully customised to your specific needs - making it a flexible and mobile ballast water treatment solution for your vessel, barge or port.

UniBallast ballast water treatment containers are standard 20ft containers, ex-proof and lightweight. Easily transportable to any (remote) location.

Containers are mobile, can be placed on deck or alongside on a barge or quay side. Some skid-mounted variants are even fitted for transport by air plane.

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shore power

Looking for a shore power installation at your facility, yard, terminal? Modifying your vessels for shore power?

We design, produce and deliver installations for seagoing vessels in any configuration up to 11kV and 2MW, 50/60 Hz. Larger capacities are available upon request.

Additional to land-based connections, we also take care of ship-side modifications for any vessel.

At our location, sea going vessels can already get shore power location. Currently up to 400A, 280kW, 400/440/690V, and 50/60Hz. Contact us to book your vessel lay-by or visit our installation and discuss possibilities for your facility.

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We have quayside in the Netherlands, ideally positioned in Rotterdam's Merwehaven, close to the Dutch motorways A4, A13, and A20 and nearby Rotterdam-The Hague Airport. Storage, packing and project office facilities are all available.

The quayside is 250 metres long and can house vessels up to 225m long, 30m wide and 40,000-ton deadweight. The harbour depth is NAP -9,65m, the bollard strength is 750 kN. Besides, we have 2,000m2 of warehouse facilities and can offer you project offices.

In Ferrol, Spain, an additional office of Royal Roos is located. Quayside and warehouse facilities can be made available here upon request on a project basis.

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In close cooperation with our sister company, Royal3D, we offer large-scale industrial 3D printing with thermoplastics to enhance designers' freedom of form. Thermoplastics are lightweight but strong. Plus, shock-absorbing layers can be incorporated into the print.

Two large scale 3D printers are available for your production, with print volumes of 4x2x1.5 metres and 8x4.5x3.75 metres, respectively.

Our goal is to make 3D printing a fully circular process. Begin by utilizing as much recycled material as feasible. As part of the process, we take back your 3D printed product to shred and recycle it into fresh 3D printer-ready material at the end of its life cycle.

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Royal Roos co-founded the FluidicAL (Fluidic Air Lubrication) system developed by Marine Performance Systems, now known as AlfaLaval’s OceanGlide.

The most significant source of ship resistance is friction, which directly impacts fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

The patented solution significantly reduces the ship’s friction by 50 to 70% when sailing, generating micro air bubbles with a high degree of control. The latter results in speed flexibility but can alos significantly reduce CO2 emissions and fuel costs by typically net 8 to 12% with a 2 to 3 years payback period.

Royal Roos offers this system via partner organisation AlfaLaval.

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